Our Products

All of our products are GRAS and kosher certified prior to sale. Our organic products, such as our organic wine yeasts, are labeled as such. We are developing a pipeline of new yeast products for alcoholic beverages and the food and beverage industries.

Hydrogen sulfide-preventing yeasts for wine and cider

Our naturally developed hydrogen sulfide-preventing wine yeasts are now available for sale to winemakers and cider producers all over the world under our wholly owned subsidiary Renaissance Yeast Inc.

We are in the process of developing H2S-preventing yeasts for beer and other alcoholic beverage production where hydrogen sulfide contamination is a quality and cost concern.

Our current H2S-preventing yeasts for wine and cider include:

We also offer a certified organic strain named, Ossia Organic.

To review detailed product information on each of our naturally developed wine yeasts, please refer to Renaissance Yeast Inc.

Acrylamide-reducing (AR) yeast

Our AR yeast is a food ingredient and processing agent that is commercially available and currently undergoing extensive testing with our collaborative partners in a number of foods and beverages. For a more detailed look at our AR Yeast, please refer to Renaissance Ingredients Inc. 

Bright Brewers yeast

Please refer to brewingbright.com for more information on the development of our novel beer yeast strains.